The swimming pool by Peter Donnelly

Quick sheet lighting across

The floor of the swimming pool:

The dance of refracted sunlight was

Effected through the blue, effulgence-full

Vacation. I parodied myself, noting

The pool’s length and breadth like

A sonnet gaining its floating,

Essential awareness of dimension. I broke

And swam this aquatic skin; and I need

Its strictness; I need its shape, balance,

Stretch which serve to feed

Its full, filling pulsation of significance.

There is voltage encased in it all

And it frazzles alive on brick wall.

Peter Donnelly’s first collection, Photons, was published by Appello Press in 2014. Following its publication, playwright Frank McGuinness commented that "Peter Donnelly already shows he has a strong imagination; indeed, a savage one presents itself on occasion when the beautiful and brutal confront and confound each other." You can listen to him read here.

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