Spontaneity is an arts magazine all about inspiration, where one idea leads to another. It’s a chain reaction between prose – visual art – poetry – music and everything in between. It’s a creative timeline where you can go back to see what sparked a piece, or go forward to see what a piece inspired. If you read, hear or see something here which tickles your imagination then submit your artistic response to us. Perhaps you have something in your archive that responds so fittingly to a piece in Spontaneity that you just have to let us see it – that’s brilliant too. It’s a place all about connections, not just between the work but between the artists, writers and musicians involved. So why not be part of it?

About the editor

Ruth McKee is a writer and editor, represented by Ger Nichol with a novel at the submission stage. She was nominated for the Hennessy Literary Award 2016, and has been shortlisted for the Doolin short story competition, the Francis MacManus prize, and others. She has work in The Incubator, A box of stars beneath the bed, The Lonely Crowd, The Bohemyth, Headstuff and various anthologies. PhD in Literature from Trinity College Dublin. You can follow her on Twitter or get in touch with her at editor@spontaneity.org.

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