The Swimming Pool by Fiona Perry

I like to think she was

discovered (not built), that she lay

in wait

for an excavation

to reveal her azure ceramic.

A miraculous vessel longing

to brim with water.


Yesterday. Smashed raindrops


and were reborn

as rings within rings

of meniscus

carvings on her


This morning. She was a mirage of


cut diamonds

and mirror shards.

A glimmering treasure oracle.

Tonight. Two voluptuous women

toe-dipped, bounced and


within her

illuminated grotto depths

as wanton

waves licked her edges.


But she rests now, weighted

under cover, cloaked.

Vapour and mist


The moon constantly

yearning to

embed in her



Fiona's fiction and poetry has been published in The Irish Literary Review, Into The Void, Tahake and two anthologies of award winning Australian short stories. She was born in Ireland but has lived most of her life in England and Australia. She currently lives in New Zealand with her family.

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