Someone I knew by Andy Scotson

“Hello old friend” I was greeted

fear fastened fast, hand to heart.

“I always thought we would meet again”

sinking, cold, tired and scared.

The smell of him came back to my nostrils,

from those white walls and those plastic curtains.


We had met twice before

he came for dad when he was fifty two

took his hand, dad tried to snatch away

a struggle ensued, an unpleasant fight but in

the end they went to Saffron Hill.


My mum he met late in life

he was polite, she had no energy or will to decline

hand in hand rapidly and almost painlessly

to the family plot.


Now he knocks on my door

I look the other way, try to ignore

point him to my neighbours

he’s made a mistake

but he seems so sure.

Andy Scotson is 51 and lives in Kilsby near Rugby with his wife Jeanette.
He loves writing poetry and has had several poems published in local
magazines and on internet poetry sites. He can often be found in the 52 group here

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