Beauty by Susanne Wawra

There’s beauty in sadness
He softly says
As he watches her cry:

The shiny trails of tears
Against her pale complexion,
Strings of pure crystalline

The quivering mouth of sorrow
Full with regret and hurtfulness,
Lines of lip in a darling dance

The eyes immersed in despair
Open up a channel to her soul,
Sweet as a storm of morning glories

The shoulders shiver with spite
Contractions move her entirety,
Freeing waves of blazing energy

She lets it happen
comforted in his presence,
a tragic outburst of delight.

Susanne Wawra is a German visual artist and poet living in Dublin, Ireland. Even though English is not her mother tongue, it is her preferred medium for poems. Recent publications include Weyfarers, Valve Journal, Boyne Berries and The Glad Rag. You can find out more here

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