For Ambrose and Gerda, my parents by Abigail George

I finally believe in epic love.

Its pricey constellation knocked

at my door with the music

school of the mystic, the modern

future of the fractured wind.

With birdsong and stars out.

Yes, stars out. The day this all took place

rugby players were taking their place,

a symbol in history on an international

playing field. Rugby is on

the television. It has cemented

families nationwide in South

Africa. The world glued to

their television screens with a kind fever.

It reminds me that any art is life,

the magic thirst of it. That scientific

attraction is matter. In love,

war, everything primitive is art,

the heritage of self so delicate.



Abigail George, Pushcart Prize nominee, recently anthologised in the Best "New" African Poets Anthology 2015, is an essayist, feminist, thinker, poet, and writer of six books. She contributed bimonthly to a symposium on the Ovi Magazine: Finland’s English Online Magazine for a year. She is the recipient of grants from ECPACC, the Centre for the
Book and the National Arts Council. You can follow her blog here and read some of her poems here.

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