Epithalamium by Kevin Higgins

Now she will feel mostly rain,

like a long wet whip put

across her face by an angry drunk,

for each of you will be exposure for the other.


Now there will be this aloneness,

for each of you will be absence to the other.

You are two persons with little life before you.

Go now to your big house behind its gate

to enter into the days

of your homelessness together,

where he will squeak about

on the PVC couch

he recently gave himself as a present,

in his brand new leather pants,


and mature to become

what the long brown coats

exiting the mortuary

years from now will call:

the terrible circumstances

in which she did her best.

Kevin Higgins is co-organiser of Over The Edge literary events. He teaches poetry workshops at Galway Arts Centre, Creative Writing at Galway Technical Institute, and is Creative Writing Director for the NUI Galway Summer School. He is poetry critic of The Galway Advertiser. Song of Songs 2.0: New & Selected Poems is just published by Salmon and includes a substantial number of new poems as well as selections from his six previous poetry collections.

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