A feast of words by Denise Blake

He served her,

“I loved you from the first time I saw you”

after he shouted at her in the packed bar.


She bought a pound of sugar,

and ate his sweet murmurs.


“This will never happen again”

came when he caught her by the throat.

She smothered those words in gravy

to enjoy their engagement dinner.


“It wasn’t my fault”

Was slightly chewy with wedding cake.


“You look a mess. I’m embarrassed by you”

coated in maple syrup was nearly tasty.


“You’re too soft on those boys,

you’ll make them gay”

eaten with porridge gave her strength.


“I have a meeting this evening. I’ll be late.”

Bottles of Merlot washed it all away.


Abuse, sarcasm, mean-spirited putdowns,

could be annihilated with a hot curry.

Some days his fists put her off her food.


Words of advice from friends and family

blue moulded, were chucked in the bin.


He serves her rancid repeated thoughts.

She eats them anyway,

and never shares them with anyone.


Denise Blake’s poetry collections, Take a Deep Breath and How to Spin Without Getting Dizzy, are published by Summer Palace Press. Her third collection, Invocation, will be published by Revival Press. Denise is a regular contributor to Sunday Miscellany RTE Radio 1. She facilitates Creative Writing workshops in schools and with Adult groups.  You can find out more on her website

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