Holding On by Yvonne Marjot

At night I close my door,

strip down to the essentials

and hold myself.


Arms wrapped around my body,

fingers digging into flesh,

I press till it hurts.


I close my eyes,

waiting for the moment

your hands cover mine.


Your breath, soft in my ear;

the scent of you, arousing,



If you could come to me,

I know you would.

I must learn to let you go.


The night is empty, love,

and I

will stand this way forever.


Yvonne Marjot Britwriters 2012 Award-winning poetry collection, The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet, was published by Indigo Dreams, and her novels are published by Crooked Cat, Edinburgh. You can follow her work via the Facebook page The Calgary Chessman@Alayanabeth on Twitter, or on the Wordpress blog The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet.

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