Spontaneous love by Aoife Reilly

(After UA Fanthorpe)


Whirlwinds into my house

tapes birch tree branches

to bedroom walls

This type of love is feral

second language random

first language play


It has mangoes

for breakfast in October

wraps legs around mine

like vines holding on

to the other for dear life

This love knocks on my door

at midnight

serves berries with salty broth

charts the life of falling leaves

through the nectar of dripping sweat

and a series of freckled red women


It travels through the melody

of lime green fruit bowls

to the sound of the clarinet

and reaches for electricity

so the heart can continue

to catch fire


Aoife Reilly lives in Ireland. Her poems have appeared in Crannóg, Skylight 47, The Ogham Stone, Ropes, Galway Review, in on-line magazines and on the Poethead website. Aoife was short-listed for the Doolin Poetry Prize and read at the Cúirt International Festival as part of Over The Edge New Irish Writing

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