Inbox (Alt+F4) by Stelios Hadjithomas

orange sound,

an acerbic thought


the alarm goes off at two to two

an instance of wincing

every night

always the same

it turns louder

and louder

the name never changes

(until it stops)


I /ˈaɪ/ in a circle,

a serious verjuice yuppie fuck

trapped letter in a grey dot


(round late)


incoming memories,

translations of the man

he longs to be




visions of stories

visions of him

his own visions

proprietary function

vernacular asleep


alphabet grams heavy in his arms

Consolas regular eleven

the white space is hurt

control ay delete

pixels instantly healed and fixed


thirty two past two

intelligence uncounted

o u t g o i n g





r e p e a t


U /ˈjuː/ in a circle,

a serious tentacular cursive form

mapped letter in a grey dot


(round fate)


orange sound

an acerbic thought.

Stelios is an author working with words, speech, storytelling, and new media. His poetry has appeared in the The Honest Ulsterman and A New Ulster. He is currently working to finish his debut novel and his MA in Cultural Policy & Arts Management. A brother and an uncle, a son and godfather, he comes from a long family of eight. You can connect with him on Instagram, or drop by his pet project.

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